Silver Party

Age group: 4-9 yr olds
Duration: 45 mins

You can have Billy Bubbles live in your living room for a full 45 minute show. Billy's award winning 45 minute shows is suitable for 4 - 9 year olds. He will make the Birthday child into the star of the show. They will be invited up "onstage" to help directly with the magic and be the envy of all their friends. In addition all of the children receive a free souvenir brochure which contains explanations of some easy to do magic tricks. The birthday child receives the highly coveted Billy Bubbles Appearing Magic Wand.

Billy tailors his show content to the age group he is performing for ensuring that nothing goes over their heads. The children will be totally amazed and enthralled by his show. You might like to watch the show with them, (Billy performs at a huge amount of family events every year and are therefore more then happy for the adults to watch as he knows they will enjoy the show as much as the children). Or you may perhaps like to relax in another room with friends as he ensures to keep the children 100% amused.

Billy is totally self contained and brings everything he needs for the show. All you need to provide is the venue and of course the children. Typically his shows are performed in the living room with the children sitting on the floor.

While his silver package is very popular many people love the fact that Billy can make hosting a party even easier.  He offers two further packages.

Silver Party Plus

Age group: 4-9 yr olds
Duration: 1hr

This is Billy's most recent birthday party package. A condensed version of his Gold Party. You receive all the benefits of our Silver Party and loads more.

Billy arrives about 15 minutes before show time and sets up. The children come into the room and Billy starts off with 15 - 25 minutes of party games. He mix it up between old classics like musical statues and some new fun games he's invented that most of the children will not have played before. From the games section he skips right onto the Magic and Punch & Judy Show part for the balance of the hour.

Party Bags included Free

He also supplies party bags with prizes for all the children with this package saving you time and money. The bags contain some fun educational items and pocket toys. Typically at the end of the party he shows the children the goodies they get in the party bags and hands them out or gives them to mum and dad to hand out when the children are going home.

If you like what Billy has to offer already and you think it can't get any better just wait till you read about his Gold Party.

Gold Party

Age group: 5-9 yr olds
Duration: 2 Hours

You have looked at the Silver Party and Silver Party Plus, are delighted with what Billy offers and are probably saying to yourself, "I wish he could run the whole thing for me". You are probably worried that having 20 or more children on the loose in your house for the rest of the party, and hoping it is not going to be complete and utter chaos. Well he has just the tonic your looking for.

the ultimate STRESS FREE PARTY

The Gold Party really is the most stress free, most relaxing and totally painless party you will ever host. Billy literally runs the whole party for you.

On weekends he has two time slots for this party, typically 12pm - 2pm or 4pm-6pm. If you are having your party on a weekday then you can choose a time to suit you. Imagine for a moment that you decide your party is going to be from 4 -6 pm. Here is exactly what happens.

Party Games

Billy arrives 15 minutes before the party to set up. Once the doorbell starts ringing at 4 pm and the first guests arrive you can shepherd them straight into Billy who will welcome them to the party and show them some small pocket magic tricks as the remaining guests arrive. Once the majority of the guests are present its time for the party games. Billy keeps all the children totally involved as we play old favourites like musical statues and more unique party games that most of the children will not have played before. He does not put children "out" of party games as it is when children get bored that they get disruptive. He keeps all the children involved all of the time. 

Billy also provides the party bags and prizes.

As the children are playing the games they are winning prizes which he gives them in their party bags at the end of the party just like he does in his Silver Party Plus.  

The games section last for about 45 minutes. There is then a break for the food and cake. This is the only part of the party that you actually have to hands on manage yourself. While you are feeding the children Billy sets up his magic show and fills the party bags with the goodies the children have won. Of course every child receives the same prizes but he doesn't tell them this when they are competing for them. The tea break lasts for about a half hour.

The children then return for a 45 minute Magic and/or Punch & Judy Show. You can read more about the quality of Billy's shows on this site or on our sister site

Needless to say his shows are of the highest calibre and are the hit of hundreds of events every year. As with our other packages the birthday child will help with the magic and receive an Appearing Magic Wand and all the children will be kept thoroughly entertained and captive throughout.

Home time.

Just before the end of the party at 6pm Billy passes out the party bags to the children, the doorbell goes and your guests are off home thinking they have just been at the best birthday party ever.

As you can see this truly is a STRESS FREE PARTY.