Children's Birthday Party Site About To Go Live

Well, I have been the guts of a month designing and tweaking this new site for my children's birthday party business and am exited to say it should be live in the next couple of days.  I am a children's birthday party magician and entertainer all my adult life but I also have a keen interest in technology and design so have really enjoyed building my own site from scratch.

I have sat here at my kitchen counter for hours upon hours tweaking the layout and feel of until I was 100% happy that it was eye-catching, easy to navigate, looked great on mobile & desktop and gave you the reader all the information you require to help you in your search for a great kids party magician and entertainer.

The tricky part has been learning all the back end stuff like ensuring the site turns up in appropriate searches and moving content from my old site to this new home.

Hope you like the new feel and layout.

'Til next time, go happy!