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Many people make the mistake of saying "they're just children, as long as something is happening they'll stay occupied". This is absolutely the wrong the mindset to have. The hardest audience to entertain are children. If you are not up to par they are gonna let you know and most times will lose interest and subsequently begin to become troublesome and disinterested causing chaos at your party.

Safety in the knowledge you’re in the hands of a true professional 

Brendan Byrne aka Billy Bubbles is the man behind  His umbrella company Abracadabra Entertainments are fast becoming known as the "go to" people for children's entertainment solutions.  You can read more about him in the ABOUT section but suffice to say entertaining is his life.  He literally eats, sleeps and breathes magic and entertainment.  Over the years he has invested literally tens of thousands of Euro into his profession.  One of only a handful of full time professional magicians in Ireland you are safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a reputable, proven, successful and helpful entity.

Ensuring you

Does The Thought Of Having A Gang Of Children Let Loose In Your House Scare The Wits Out Of You?

There Is No Need To Fear, Read Through What We Have To Offer And Discover What It Is Like To Have A Truly Painless Party


For many parents running children's parties can be a daunting event. The idea of twenty or thirty screaming children running amok sends shivers down the spine of many parents. Fathers have been known to abandon the home at the crack of dawn and not return until the last of the little darlings have left.

No Need To Fear

Inviting large numbers of children into your home can be very off-putting. Especially when they will be there for a few hours! There are ways of controlling the children and having truly the easiest, stress-free most enjoyable party at the same time.

Eliminate boredom

The main reason children become a nuisance is because boredom sets in. When boredom sets in children invent many ways to cure it - many of which are to the detriment of your party not to mention your home. The secret remedy for boredom is to fully engage the children with professional entertainment. Our packages are designed and performed in such a way to totally involve all the children all the time.  Thus eliminating boredom and in turn safeguarding your party and your home.

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“Billy Bubbles is as big a hit with the parents as he is with the kids, razor sharp, quick witted and a thoroughly engaging performer, he had the room, young and old, in the palm of his hands. Next years party is already booked.”
Sharon Ní Bheoláin

“I've seen Billy Bubbles in action a number of times and he's easily one of the most gifted performers in the country. He's warm with the children and knows how to bring the best out in them. He's a natural.”

Ryan Tubridy



“Hi there, my name is Brendan, AKA Billy Bubbles.  I have been a full time professional entertainer for over the last 15 years and ensure you, your child and your party guests will have a fantastic day.

That said, this isn’t really about me.  It is about YOU and YOUR CHILD’S PARTY.  With that in mind please have a browse through the site and discover how I can help YOU have a STRESS FREE PARTY.”

What others have said

Magic & entertainment has been my career all my adult working life.  I have invested literally tens of thousands of euro in my career from research, props, effects & appearance to business seminars, qualifications & membership of professional bodies.  I believe this shines through in my performance and illustrates how seriously I take this funny business.  But don’t just take it from me,  read through what delighted parents have said below.

“He was brilliant. He did everything. He was very entertaining, the children loved him and he kept their attention the whole time. It was a very relaxing party for me."

Siobhan Dwyer, Foxrock.

"Everyone enjoyed Billy Bubbles' show and that         includes the adults."

Claire Murphy, Lucan.

"We were very, very happy with Billy Bubbles. He was superb".

Denise O'Brien, Malahide.

"We love the way you ran the whole party for us. You made it so easy for us. It was great to be able to relax and for once in our lives actually enjoy a children's party. Thanks again Billy."

Jane & Steven Curran, Dublin 6.

"Thanks for coming to my party. You are great."

Aimee Sherlock, Age 5.

Do not read any further unless you really want to have the most



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Billy Bubbles

“Anyone who needs children entertained for a party you’re the man.You’re great xxxx”
Lisa Fitzpatrick, Stylist.

“You are a FAB entertainer,
just fab! xx”
Cathy Kelly, Author.


starring Dublin Ireland’s Top Children’s Entertainer and Kids Party Magician Billy Bubbles

Dublin kids magician Billy Bubbles offers you three exciting party packages for your kids birthday party.  Generally regarded as Ireland’s top children’s magician and entertainer he ensures your child and their guests an amazing time.  He promises complete audience involvement, in turn creating a STRESS FREE kids party for you.